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40 Years of Stanford Research Found That People With This One Quality Are More Likely to Succeed

By James Clear | James Clear | June 17, 2019

In the 1960s, a Stanford professor named Walter Mischel began conducting a series of important psychological studies. During his experiments, Mischel and his team tested hundreds of children — most of them around the ages of 4 and 5 years old — and revealed what is now believed to be one of the most important characteristics for success in health, work, and life. (1,481 words)

The Greatest Coach

By Marty Cagan | SVPG | April 24, 2019

I talk a lot about product culture and how important it is, but one inconvenient fact has always bothered me, which is that my favorite product companies – for example, Google, Apple and Amazon – all have such different cultures. I came to realize that the conventional notions of culture don’t really capture what’s important to having an environment that nurtures great products. (1,037 words)

Retirement Plans for the Entrepreneur

By Jamie Letcher | Kiplinger | June 6, 2019

From Simple IRAs and Solo 401(k)s to SEP IRAs, small businesses have many retirement savings options to choose from. Here are the basics to get started. (1,629 words)

Facebook's Answer to Bitcoin Poses a Double Threat

By Lionel Laurent | Bloomberg | June 17, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg's Libra cryptocurrency project may just strengthen his stranglehold on our user data. Financial stability is another huge concern. (1,457 words)

The CIA Spied on People Through Their Smart TVs, Leaked Documents Reveal

By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai | VICE | March 7, 2019

Hackers from the CIA found a way to keep Samsung Smart TVs on “Fake-Off mode.” (1,281 words) 📺

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